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Windows Azure Platform Training Kit Update

If you attended the Black Marble Architecture Event yesterday you would have seen a number of talks around Azure and the Windows Azure Platform Training Kit was mentioned a number of times.

The latest update to the training kit is here:

This update includes the changes for the Azure 1.6 SDK plus updates and new demos.

The training kit is a free resource that provides a good introduction to Azure and covers a large amount including Windows Azure, SQL Azure, AppFabric (Service Bus, Caching, Access Control) plus a load of other stuff.

BlackMarble SOA/BizTalk Event

Thanks to everyone who sat and listened to my presentations on BizTalk RFID, ESB and ISB. I hope that you found them useful.

As promised here are the links:

Biztalk RFID :

Blue C Sushi :

ESB Guidance :

Robert's Blog on installing ESB: ESB Guidance Setup Walk through (DRAFT)

Biztalk Services/ISB: